Can I still get my muscles back?


A lot of people think you can’t relax any more.

You might be thinking “that’s impossible, I have too much muscle.

I need to do something to help my muscles relax.

I don’t think I have a ton of muscle to begin with”.

Well, I don, but I do have a few things you might like to try to loosen your muscles.1.

A high-intensity exercise routine.

I’ve written about the importance of regular high-energy exercise routines for many years now.

High-intensity activity, whether it’s sprinting, lifting weights, biking, jogging, skiing or even just doing a few minutes of yoga every day, will strengthen your muscles and give you the best possible opportunity to get those pesky little muscles in shape again.

This can be achieved with either simple, repetitive, low-intensity or high-impact exercises.

The exercises that I like to recommend for doing these high-level exercises are: 1.


These are not only an excellent warm-up, they are a great way to strengthen your upper body, especially the quadriceps.

You can do them in a variety of positions: standing up, kneeling, standing on your hands, lying down, standing up on your toes.

I recommend using a light weight for these exercises, as the more tension you put on your muscles, the better.



The deadlift is an excellent way to get a good grip on your lower body and lower back, and also to help strengthen your hamstrings, glutes and delts.

A deadlift has an incredibly powerful pull, and a lot of exercises you can do with a heavy barbell.


High pull-ups or sit-ups, with or without a load.

High reps of these movements can be used to build muscle.


Push-ups and pull-downs.

Pushups and Pull-downs are both excellent ways to strengthen the lower back and hips, and they can also help you get a strong grip on the barbell and the bar.


Side-lying row-ups (or standing rows).

Side-lying rows are great for building your quads and hamstrings.


Pulling-downs and side-lying rows.

Pulls and Side-Lying Rows are great ways to get some good core support.


Dips and chin-ups for your shoulders.

Dipping and Chin-ups are great exercises for building the back and neck.


Push ups and chin ups.

Push Ups and Chin Ups are excellent exercises for strengthening the shoulder blades and your triceps.


Barbell rows.

Bar-bell rows are fantastic exercises for your lower back.


Bar dips and side bends.

Bar Dips are great to strengthen back muscles, and Side Bends are great exercise for the chest.


Bar curls.

Bar Curls are great low-to-moderate exercises for getting some good chest control and flexibility.


Leg curls.

Leg Curls and Side Curls is an exercise for getting your upper back, hip flexors and core strong.


Bar bar-pulls.

Bar Bar Bar-Pulls are great training exercises for improving the lower body.


Side squats and calf raises.

Side Squats and Calf Raises are great workouts for developing your core, glute and hamstring muscles.


Squatting and kicking with a weighted bar.

Squats, kicks and calf raise with a bar are great, low to moderate exercise for improving your hamstring strength.


Stiff-legged rows.

Strictly speaking, these are only exercises that are very low to medium intensity.

I like doing them with the bar so that I can do these exercises in a controlled way, without a lot too much tension.


Seated leg curls.

These can be a great exercise to strengthen and build your hamstring and glute muscles.

I also like them standing up so that they can be done with a light, straight bar.

If you are going to do them with a weight, I recommend doing them standing, kneeling or lying down.

I find they are the most effective way to build the upper body and core strength in a relaxed, controlled way.


Rowing exercises.

Rows can also be very effective for strengthening and building your ham and glutes.

I personally use them with weights as well, and do a couple of sets of 5 for 5 repetitions each.


Rounding exercises.

These tend to be very low intensity.

They tend to work the quad muscles as well as your ham.


High rep dumbbell row.

Dumbbell rows tend to strengthen all of your lower and upper back muscles.

They are great workout for your ham, gluts, triceps and triceps hamstrings as well.

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