How Levi’s Relaxed Fit Could Change the World of Fitness


Levi Gershoff is known for her relaxed fit, which she describes as a “full body workout.”

Today, the actress and fitness enthusiast has shared her own relaxation fit with her followers, which is something she calls “the most awesome workout in the world.”

“The best thing about my relaxation fit is that it’s completely unclothed,” she said.

“It’s not a bikini, but a tight-fitting body suit that I have on in a relaxed fit with a little bit of stretch.”

Levi’s relaxation fit consists of a pair of long underwear with a zipper on the back that is connected to her hip, which means it’s very comfortable.

She also has a hood, which allows her to breathe through it.

She says the fit is designed for people who “need to work out without being too uncomfortable or tired.”

“It’s like a combination of a yoga, Pilates and Pilates,” she explained.

“You’ll do a lot of stretches in it, but it’s still very relaxing.

And it doesn’t require any clothes.

It’s just a bunch of things that are tight together.”

You can watch Levi on “Inside Edition” below.