How to make your home feel like a vacation destination

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The home is your most intimate, personal place, but it’s also where you make your most impactful decisions.

Here’s how to make it feel like it’s home.


Set your bed, bathroom and kitchen countertops.

You’ll need to set your bed and bathroom counterstops up and down the stairs.

To do that, you’ll need a table that’s at least two feet high and a foot or two wide, and one that’s not too high or too low.

The longer you set up the countertop, the easier it is to move around it.

If it’s too high, you can bend it in different directions to make the bed easier to move about.


Use your phone and laptop.

You may not have a phone or laptop with you at all times, so set them aside and get them out of the way while you’re away.

Use the screen of your phone to make notes or make quick calls.


Use a whiteboard or paper.

You want to create an impression of your home, so make a white board or paper for this.

You can make a printout of a sketch or a map that will be used for inspiration.


Make a few new memories.

This is the time to start making new memories, but don’t do it right away.

You don’t want to forget where you came from, where you’re going, and what you’re seeing.

Use it as a time to reminisce and reminisce a little more.


Set up a calendar.

This can help you set a schedule for yourself so that you don’t get overwhelmed by the constant tasks that are coming up.

If you have a white calendar or notebook, set it aside and set it up in a specific place so you can look back on things with a clear memory.


Create a folder.

Use this folder to organize things and keep things organized.


Set a calendar reminder.

You’re going to have to make sure that the time and date are accurate each day.

You could start a reminder right away by adding it to the calendar, but the next day, set up a reminder and then make it a day of reminders that are based on the date.


Set reminders for different days.

The next day can start off with a simple reminder about making sure your house is clean.

Or, you could set up reminders for the following days, so you don.t have to worry about missing them.


Create an alarm clock.

You probably have an alarm going, but you may not realize how important it is.

The more you make it seem important, the more likely you are to get things done.

Set the alarm to go off every hour or so, or just once every hour.


Use an alarm to remind yourself.

If your alarm goes off at 10 p.m., it means you need to do something about your schedule.

Set an alarm so you know when you can start working on your schedule again.


Set alarms for a few different situations.

If a friend comes over for a visit and you’re not home, set an alarm for them to come over.

If the same friend comes and you don, set a reminder for them not to come and you can make an appointment to see them.

If someone visits and you have to go, set alarms for you to come home.

If there’s a family gathering and you want to make an exception, set them to be home for an hour or two and then set up an alarm.

If things go awry and you need a reminder, set your alarm to ring at 1:00 a.m. or whenever it rings.


Set timers.

Set time and place reminders that you can use for tasks.

Set one alarm, then one timer for a little while, and then another one for a couple of minutes to give yourself time to adjust to the new time.


Create the habit of going to the bathroom.

If people can’t go to the restroom when they’re at home, they don’t really have time to do anything.

Make sure that they have a habit of taking a shower and cleaning up after themselves.

You might even add a few steps to make this happen, such as getting your feet wet and changing into a bathing suit.


Set out a calendar or a timer.

Set off the calendar to set off an alarm at the same time every day, and set a timer so you have time each day to make appointments.


Set notifications for specific events.

You know when your friends or family members will come over, so create a list of important dates, and have a list that will remind you when you should expect them to arrive.


Set alerts for specific times of day.

Set different alerts at different times of the day, such the alarm for 5:00 p.k. or 10:00 o’clock.


Set special alarms for specific things.

For example, you