How to relax during a workout

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Relaxation is an essential component of exercise, but if you can’t afford to get up and move, then your body is going to get the job done.

Here are some of the things you should do to get yourself ready for a workout.


Drink water 2.

Get your muscles used to sitting for long periods of time 3.

Get some water off the bar to help hydrate the muscles 4.

Stretch your abs 5.

Go for a walk in the park 6.

Get a massage 7.

Sit down for 20 minutes and breathe through your nose 8.

Do some stretching exercises 9.

Put your hands on the ground 10.

Do something relaxing for an hour or two 11.

Sit on the toilet paper and use a towel to wipe the sweat off your forehead 12.

Go to the gym or do some cardio 13.

Try a weight-lifting class 14.

Take some deep breaths 15.

Do a yoga class 16.

Take a walk outdoors 17.

Go out for a jog in a park 18.

Do yoga for 30 minutes or so 19.

Do the “motorcycle yoga” class 20.

Play some pool or play volleyball 21.

Take your dog for a ride in a city park 22.

Take an exercise class in a local park 23.

Go on a bike ride with your dog 24.

Walk a dog for 20 seconds in the city 25.

Go biking in the countryside 26.

Take the stairs to your room 27.

Do an exercise in the backyard 28.

Take part in a movie in the movie theater 29.

Do your favorite movie in a theater 30.

Do this exercise for 20-30 minutes on your favorite indoor/outdoor couch 31.

Take this exercise on your bike 32.

Do whatever you like in the office 33.

Do these five exercises at least once a week 34.

Do them at least three times a day 35.

Do at least five yoga classes 36.

Do two-minute stretches on your feet in your home 37.

Do 10-minute deep breathing stretches in the bathroom 38.

Do five minutes of sitting in the chair in your office 39.

Do deep breathing in the shower 40.

Do 20 minutes of walking in the rain 41.

Do 30 minutes of standing in the sun 42.

Do three-minute standing stretches at a park 43.

Do 15 minutes of running in the woods 44.

Do 50 minutes of swimming in the lake 45.

Do 150 minutes of lying on the beach 46.

Do 75 minutes of cycling in the beach 47.

Do 90 minutes of biking in an open field 48.

Do one minute of standing on a treadmill in the ocean 49.

Do 3-minute yoga sitting in a chair in the garden 50.

Do 4-minute sit-ups in a gymnasium 51.

Do 5-minute squats in a yoga studio 52.

Do 100 minutes of doing yoga sitting on the bathroom wall 53.

Do 40 minutes of sit-downs in a kitchen 54.

Do 2 minutes of a 30-minute seated push-up 55.

Do 25 minutes of seated yoga sitting 56.

Do 300 minutes of yoga standing on your back in the middle of a room 57.

Do 60 minutes of stand-ups sitting in an apartment complex 58.

Do four minutes of an hour-long yoga class in your bedroom 59.

Do six hours of sitting on a couch in the living room 60.

Do seven hours of standing yoga in the house 61.

Do thirty minutes of stationary yoga sitting 62.

Do half an hour of sitting yoga in your room 63.

Do 80 minutes of push-ups on your couch 64.

Do fifteen minutes of knee-bends sitting on your floor 65.

Do standing sit-up in the kitchen 66.

Do sit-down yoga sitting 67.

Do stand-up yoga sitting 68.

Do push-downs on your bathroom sink 69.

Do ten minutes of squatting in your living room 70.

Do walking in a quiet place while you do yoga 71.

Do all three forms of yoga sitting 72.

Do seated yoga in a pool 73.

Do knee-to-knee sitting in your kitchen 74.

Do sitting yoga sitting with your feet 75.

Do squatting yoga sitting 76.

Do stretching yoga sitting 77.

Do squats with your hands 78.

Do dips on the floor 79.

Do stretches on a table 80.

Do leg raises on a chair 81.

Do pull-ups with your legs 82.

Do chin-ups and shoulder raises 83.

Do chest-presses on a bench 84.

Do face-ups 84.

Try one or two deep-dive movements 85.

Do full-body yoga sitting 86.

Do lying face-down on the couch 87.

Do belly-to/neck dips 88.

Do shrugs 89.

Do side-to, hip-to and knee-hugging dips 90.

Do back-and-forth standing shrugs 91.

Do shoulder-to head-bobbing dips 92.

Do calf-to knee bends 93.

Do front-to back knee-bending dips

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