Relax icon is a good place to go for the most relaxing of settings


Relax icon, the icon you’ll see next to your clock icon on the Home screen, is an icon that gives you a way to take a break from all of the notifications and alerts you’re getting.

The icon also helps you quickly get to your favorite apps, and it’s great for the more casual user that might need a break after a day of work.

However, it’s not the best icon for people who are working in the office.

Read more The new version of the app, which is rolling out in the UK, will come with an icon for relaxing mode, which lets you choose between a simple taskbar or an app drawer that lets you slide through various sections of the screen.

There are some new features for those looking to relax with the app.

For example, the new version will let you add an app to your home screen that will help you manage your tasks and schedule a time for you to get back to it.

That’s good news for those who work on the go and aren’t able to take advantage of the taskbar settings feature.

Additionally, the app has been updated to add support for Google Assistant.

For those who have tried the app and liked it, it will be easier to make it work with the new features, but those who are more familiar with the apps on their phones will be able to use the new settings.

Users can also opt to have the app work in the background, instead of being turned on by default, so they can take a quick break.

There’s also a new section for “Apps,” which allows users to find more apps they want to use, as well as settings for settings such as whether to use your home as a notification center or not.

The new Home screen and app drawer features are just some of the changes to the new Home.

It is a big change from the original Home.

While the original app was a great way to keep tabs on your life, it was lacking in some of its more important features, such as the ability to schedule time for yourself, and the ability for users to save settings.

That is likely to change in the new app, as it will offer users a way for them to keep those settings while working.