Relaxant Music Is Back, Again: Relaxant’s New Album Is A Relaxant-Inspired Album title Relaxed Music Is BACK, Again! Relaxant is back! Relaxants new album, Relaxant, is a relaxing music album, with a few changes from previous albums. Listen to Relaxant and listen to the album below. Enjoy Relaxant

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Relaxant releases Relaxant on August 22.

Relaxant has been out of print for several years and is currently being released on vinyl.

The album features four tracks, two of which were recorded in a different time and place.

Listen below.

The album was produced by Michael T. Brown and features a range of musicians, including pianist/songwriter/actor/producer Dan Smith, keyboardist/guitarist/vocalist/keyboardist/produce Alex Smith, and bassist-singer-guitarist Nick Cappella.

The title of the album is a reference to a song in the film of the same name.

“My Relaxant” is a nod to the film.

The title comes from a quote by the film’s star, George Clooney.

“I just wanna let you know that I have a little piece of paper, and I just wanna write this little poem to you,” he said.

“You have got to know that you are going to have my Relaxant.

It’s my favorite band, and you’re going to like it.


A version of this story first appeared on The Times of Israel.

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