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Relaxing Foot Spa is a website dedicated to the natural hair relaxation techniques, and it offers free background images for visitors to relax their feet in.

The website uses natural hair as a backdrop to highlight the natural beauty of your feet. 

The website has featured some stunning images of feet in various settings. 

“I have always loved natural hair, and I am delighted to share my natural hair-related passion with you, the visitors,” the website’s creators say.

“For the last three years, we have worked hard to provide you with some of the most unique and beautiful natural hair photography in the world.

We hope that our free background image collection will give you a glimpse into our unique passion.”

A collection of more than 100 images of natural hair have been shared on the website.

It was created by a group of friends, many of whom work in the natural products industry, who decided to create a website about the art and science of hair and its natural benefits.

The website’s founders, Jennifer, David and Chris, were inspired to create RelaxingFootSparks after meeting at a salon in London and meeting their daughter, Olivia, at a beauty salon in Paris.

“We knew we wanted to share our love of natural products with you,” the founders said.

“A lot of our friends at the salon told us that they had never seen natural hair products being sold in this way, and we knew we could help make this happen.”

The founders realised that there were more people interested in the subject of natural beauty, and that they could help.

“At the same time, we also realised that this was something that we could share with the rest of the world,” they said.

They launched the website in late 2016.

They started their project after hearing from several people who had used the natural salon experience as a learning experience.

“The natural salon environment is a natural setting for a lot of us to work on our natural hair and to share the beauty of our bodies with other people,” Jennifer said.

The site also includes tutorials on how to apply the natural styling products, which have been created using natural hair styling techniques and hand tools.

“Some of the natural hairstyles are pretty basic and are designed to help with your everyday look, like your ponytail or your natural style, but it is still something that you can use for everyday beauty,” Jennifer added.

“Many of the hair products on the site are made with natural ingredients.

It’s about finding a natural hair product that is perfect for you and that you enjoy.”

The website offers free downloads of a range of natural and natural-inspired products, including shampoo, conditioner, hair wax and conditioner remover, as well as some of its most popular products. 

More information on the RelaxingfootSparps site is available at

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