Relaxing yoga yoga poses for muscles and joints


Relaxing Yoga Poses for Muscles and Joints: Relaxing the muscles and the joints is the key to getting the most out of your body.

But how do you get into a state of deep relaxation? 

These poses have a calming effect and offer the possibility of increasing your body’s alertness and performance. 

This is especially important for those with a weak back, which can be particularly challenging in yoga poses. 

Read on to discover how to relax the muscles, joints and even your whole body in this simple yoga pose tutorial. 

A Few Words of Caution: Before beginning, make sure you are ready to relax by following these guidelines: Your hands should be straight and the palms of your hands should remain closed to your chest, while the back of your shoulders should be parallel to the floor. 

Keep your eyes closed and the posture should not be relaxed or relaxed. 

The position should be comfortable and relaxed, with no twisting or turning of the body. 

Your knees should be bent slightly and the hips and knees should stay slightly wider than the shoulders. 

When you begin to feel any pain or discomfort, feel free to stop the poses for a few minutes and go back to it as soon as possible. 

You may need to go back and forth between these two poses in order to learn and understand each one. 

If you need a break, you can take a breath, or simply rest for a minute. 

Once you have learned to relax and become comfortable with the pose, you will be able to move on to the next one.

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