The Duchess of Sussex has been relaxed at her cat’s new home

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Relaxed cat in a relaxed state has been relaxing at the Duke of Sussex’s home for the past week.

Princess Kate has been taking care of her new pet, the Duchess of Cornwall, since her first appearance at a royal party on February 13, when the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge were guests of honour at Windsor Castle.

Princes Kate and Prince Harry pose for photographers as they arrive at Windsor castle in March for a state dinner.

Read more: Princess Harry visits the royal home in an effort to make up for his mother’s absence During her stay, the Duke has kept his eyes peeled for the cat, whose owner, Cat and Cat in London, is keeping her happy.

Prince Kate, who has been wearing a coat for two weeks, said: “I think I’ve just got a really warm and happy mood and I’m looking forward to having Cat and Kitty here.”

It’s very different to being home, because she’s really relaxed, she doesn’t have a collar, so she’s a bit more mobile, and she’s happy.

“I’ve got my head down in the garden and she hasn’t been on my feet, so it’s nice to see her in the sun.”

Princess Margaret, who is also in the royal household, said she was looking forward “to the opportunity to share in the happiness of my cat” as she is “always so happy when she’s in a new place”.She said: “I feel so blessed when I get to be here.

She has so much love and attention from her owners and she loves it here.”

Princes Harry and Kate, pictured in March, have kept their eyes peeled for the cat’s owner The Duchess of Kent is keeping the Duchess’s cat, a rescue dog named Fritos, happy as she looks to make amends for her mother’s disappearance from the White House earlier this year.

Prince Harry and his wife, Kate, are pictured with Frits, a rescuer dog, at Buckingham Palace in March.

Fritos was left in the care of the Duke’s family after his mother, Princess Margaret, passed away on the morning of February 13.

The Duke’s cats, a retired Rottweiler and a black Lab, have been at the Duchess’ home since January after they were rescued by the Duke from a kennel.

Fritz has been at Prince Harry’s side since his father was first introduced to the pets in 2012.

Read More: Prince Harry visits Rottwohr in the Czech Republic to celebrate the 75th anniversary of the liberation of the city from Nazi occupation Kate is now staying at the residence in an attempt to make Amoris Baris, a new pet which has been rescued from the Kringle Kennel, a permanent home.

She said that the Duke had always wanted to make the KRingle “one of his own” and said the cats’ owner, Fritsy, was “incredibly supportive” of their new home.

Prinze Kate, Duchess of York, is pictured with a new cat named Fries (AFP) “She’s so happy to be able to bring her new furry friend home,” she said.

“The Duke loves the kennels and I know Frit has a wonderful life, so the Duke really does feel very welcome.”

Fritsy has spent his entire life at the Kringsle Kennels in Prague and was taken in by a family from Romania when he was three years old. 

“The Duchess has always had a huge interest in animals and Frit is a very friendly dog and he’s a real gem,” said Cat and Dog in London founder and owner, Barbara Kinkade. 

Frits will be kept by the Duchess until the end of the month and will be used to help raise funds for the rescue.

Prinzess Kate said she felt “hugely honoured” by the support the Duke was receiving from his family.

“She is so grateful for the support she’s getting from her family and all the other people that are so kind and caring,” she added.

Prinzzes Kate and Harry will also be visiting the K Ringle Kennell in May for a “special occasion” and will also take their new pet home with them.

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