What is a relaxed fit?


The Canadian Press/Getty Images file Carhartt’s relaxed, relaxed, and relaxed fit has become synonymous with the fashion brand and its relaxed fit is now the name of the game.

The brand has also gained popularity in other countries, with its relaxed, comfortable, and relaxing fit gaining popularity in the US, where it is used to cover a wide range of styles.

“The relaxed fit was really popular, especially in the United States,” says Carhartts spokeswoman Lisa DeCesare.

“I think the US is where it started.

The relaxed fit’s popularity is definitely there in the U.S. It’s been around for a while.”

A relaxed fit goes a long way in a woman’s wardrobeThe relaxed and relaxed fits have been around since the 1920s, when French designer Louis Vuitton began selling them under the Carharttons name.

But they have grown in popularity in recent years, as the relaxed fit gained popularity with women in the ’90s.

“I think women are more likely to wear relaxed fit because they’re comfortable,” says DeCESARE.

“It has a great feel to it.”

DeCESARES says relaxed fits are a way to go for women who are “lazy” or “tired.”

“It’s a great way to get into a style without having to work so hard,” she says.

“Women are just more relaxed in their outfits and the relaxed fits fit into the whole look of the outfit and give women more space.”

A fit that’s comfortable to wear and looks good on anyoneSource: Carharttan on InstagramIn the U

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