When is a relaxing music bedtime gift?


A relaxation music bed time gift?

Well, if you’re one of the lucky few who got a relaxing bedtime song as part of your birthday celebration, you may be in luck.

According to a report by The Hindu, some companies are offering relaxation music gifts as part to celebrate their birthday.

The report claims that some companies like Mizani relaxers have offered relaxing music for their birthday celebrations.

The company, however, is not claiming that this gift is for relaxation, as the company claims that it is for the company’s employees, employees who are in a special position and employees who work on a schedule.

The company is claiming that it offers its employees relaxation music to celebrate a special birthday.

The Hindu has not published the company name of the company, but it claims that Mizani has created relaxation music for employees of its corporate offices, which are located in Mumbai, Delhi and Ahmedabad.

The relaxation music was introduced as part the company celebration.

The relaxing music was created by Mizani’s employees for employees who were working in different parts of the organisation.

It is the employees who enjoy the relaxation music, so the relaxation has to be done for the employees.

However, the company has also made a suggestion to its employees to enjoy relaxation music on their birthday celebration as well.

Mizani Relaxers CEO Anil Srinivasan told The Hindu that his company has a team of more than 30 employees, who have been working in Mizani offices for the last two years.

The employees work on schedules, which means they have to be available for their work and they need relaxation music.

The Relaxing Music program has been introduced in the company as a way to give employees a relaxation experience.

The team of Mizani employees also helps out with the day to day operations of the business.

When asked about the relaxation gift, Srinivasan said, “We offer relaxation music and we also have a relaxation gift room that has been created.

We have created a room in which we offer relaxation songs.

It has been in our relaxation room for last two months.

We are offering these relaxation music as part a company birthday celebration.”

He added that relaxation music has been available for employees to play for their employees since the beginning of their careers.

However the company had decided to start offering it for employees only after they have been employed for at least three years.

Srinivasana added that Mizanis relaxation room has been made available for all employees who have worked at the company for a minimum of three years, so as to offer employees relaxation during their birthday party.

The music is being offered in different rooms of the office.

He added that the company is trying to ensure that employees get the most comfortable and relaxing music.

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