Why do we need to relax?


We need to find a way to relax in order to be healthy and happy, says Dr. Michelle O’Neill.

She is a professor of health sciences at the University of New South Wales.

Dr. O’Connor says relaxation can have many benefits.

One of the most common is cognitive function, or the ability to think clearly and critically about a problem.

She also notes that relaxation can help with anxiety and depression.

“People who are more anxious or have other mood and anxiety disorders, they’re at a higher risk of experiencing more anxiety,” she says.

“When you’re stressed out, you’re going to be more likely to suffer from mood and stress disorders, and more likely have mood and psychological disorders.”

Dr. O-Neill says people who suffer from depression, anxiety, or stress should find a relaxing solution.

“It’s very important to have some form of relaxation and to try and do some kind of self-care activity that has some kind and some kind to it, which can be taking a walk in the park or getting a massage or something like that, which is an effective way to manage anxiety and stress.”

She says we need the option of natural muscle relaxers in our everyday lives.

“If we could just take the things that are naturally calming and we can have some natural muscle relaxation, we could be able to improve our mental health,” she said.

In addition to Dr. Cochran’s book, Dr. John P. Ostrom and his wife, Sarah, released the Natural Muscle Relaxation Manual for the Modern World.

It’s a comprehensive book for everyone from seniors to adults, which includes instructions on how to do exercises to relax.

The Natural Muscle Resiliency System for the Elderly is available for $20 on

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