Why do you wear a t-shirt?

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When you’re wearing a tshirt, it’s easy to get distracted.

A lot.

I was wearing a tee for my job interview when I realised I’d forgotten to put my shirt on.

The shirt was in a drawer.

So I walked in, put it on, and realised I was in an interview.

I looked at my t-shirts, and I realised they weren’t really comfortable.

And then I realised that I hadn’t put on the shirt in the first place.

It was a tinge of discomfort, but nothing I wasn’t used to.

The t-shirts are a sign of respect.

They’re meant to be worn with respect.

In my experience, there are many who have trouble wearing t- shirts.

Some wear them for aesthetic reasons.

I wear a tee shirt for work because I think it’s a way to relax.

But there are others who have worn t-totes for work to help them relax.

I remember when I was a teenager, my friends would ask me to wear a shirt, and we’d get asked why they wanted a shirt.

I’d say, “Why do I want to wear one?”

I think there are people who don’t want to be in the company of other people who wear shirts.

That’s why people don’t wear them.

I think people have to respect those people, even if they’re wearing one.

I don’t think you can wear a T-shirt to the office if you don’t have a T shirt.

It might make you feel uncomfortable, but you don`t need to wear it.

I’ve worn my t shirt to the gym and it feels amazing.

I can see why people wear t- tshirts to work, because it’s really comfortable, and it’s just a way of getting in touch with your body.

I also think it makes you feel more relaxed in the office.

When I go to a meeting, I always wear a suit.

But I always feel more comfortable if I wear something a little less formal.

If you’re going to wear anything else, then you’re just going to be a bit weird, because you’re not wearing a shirt and you’re doing something else.

You have to have something more formal.

So when you’re at a job interview, I don` t think you should wear a dress.

I always look at the candidate and I say, ‘Oh, I’m wearing a dress’.

I don t think that’s necessary.

There are people out there who are really comfortable wearing a suit, but I don.

I’m really comfortable in a suit if it fits me well.

I feel like if you’re really comfortable with something, it should be comfortable for you.

I find a t shirt really comfortable because it keeps you cool.

You know, when you sit in the sun and you put your t- shirt on, you feel cool.

If it doesn’t fit well, it feels really uncomfortable.

It’s not comfortable.

I would wear a sweater to work if I had to, because I don,t like to wear shorts.

But if I have to wear something comfortable, I would do that.

I do like to keep my hair short.

I like the way I look in a t tie, and if I can do it in a shirt it’s great.

The reason I wear my shirt is because I like wearing a tie, but sometimes I don’ t want to get in front of people and wear something that’s not really comfortable for me.

I get in trouble if people are staring at me and say, `Oh, that`s a bit too casual’.

I have people stare at me if I go out and go to clubs.

But they always seem to be very friendly.

I want them to like me.

If they don’ think I’m that relaxed, I just think they should just stare.

I have some friends who are in their 20s and they wear their t shirts to work every day.

I thought that was a bit silly, but they get in a lot of trouble.

You can tell they’re enjoying themselves, because they’re always having a good time.

You just can`t put a stop to it.

They are having a great time and they don’t need to be seen.

They don’t even need to make eye contact.

They just smile and talk.

That`s why I think wearing a sweater makes people feel comfortable.

So, I wouldn` t wear a button down shirt.

People ask me why I wear button downs and I tell them, `It`s nice to look like you have a collar on’.

I`m a bit more formal than they are.

I`ve got my shirt tucked in.

If I get out of the office and I`re feeling really comfortable and I want people to notice me, then I`ll wear a jacket.

It`s my favourite shirt. If

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